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Bay Area households struggle to make ends meet and access basic needs such as affordable food and housing.


We're leveraging the power of 9 counties and their health departments to create health equity and economic opportunity for all through collective action, shifting systems that are no longer working and redefining what is possible for Bay Area residents.

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Income inequality is on the rise in California. In some Bay Area counties, the disparities are extreme.  An analysis of census data found a growing gap between rich and poor.

"In the Bay Area, where the cost of housing has become a topic of national conversation, those tensions are felt acutely, said...

Nearly one in four Americans has no emergency savings at all. Given this dire reality, more and more households are turning toward a risky short-term option to make ends meet: the payday loan.

Almost uniformly derided by personal finance experts, a payday loan usually consists of a few hundred dollar...

August 7, 2019

San Francisco (August 7, 2019) – Rise Together, a multi-sector movement started by United Way Bay Area (UWBA) to address the complexities of ending poverty, became an initiative of Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative (BARHII), a coalition of eleven public health departments committed to a...

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"Addressing poverty can in part be done at the local level, but the bigger question is what will it take to build a broader base of constituent interest to win? The constituent base to win and glued together is at the regional level—aligning local and county programs and budgets in a regional context that can also impact and inform legislative action at the state level.  That is why we need Rise Together."


Senior Fellow, PolicyLink

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