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2019 Housing Affordability Policy Priorities for Shared Prosperity

AB 1486 (Ting): Surplus Land​ - Approved by Governor

AB -1482 (Chiu): Tenant Protection –Rent Cap​ - Approved by Governor

SB – 18 (Skinner): Keep Californians Housed Act – Approved by Governor​

SB -5 (Beall): Building Affordable Housing and Inclusive Community​ -Vetoed by Governor

SB -6 (Beall): Residential Development - Surplus Property Collaboration​ - Approved by Governor

SB 329 (Mitchell): Section 8 Vouchers -Approved by Governor

Rise Together Housing Policy Agenda - 2018 Priorities

While there are many important bills introduced this year to impact housing in California, the following represent Rise Together's priority bills to positively impact vulnerable populations and access to affordable housing, as set forth by our Power of 9 Committee.  

AB 2065 (Ting) – California’s Surplus Land Act will strengthen provisions in existing law that guarantee affordable housing developers get first priority to purchase surplus land from local governments and agencies.

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SB 912 (Beall, Skinner) - would make a one-time allocation of two billion dollars ($2,000,000,000) in general funds for the purpose of funding programs that serve the homeless as well as existing housing programs administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development dedicated to housing low- and moderate-income families.


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SB 3 (Beall) Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act 2018 - $4 billion general obligation bond on the November 2018 ballot to fund affordable housing programs and the veteran’s homeownership program. This will be put to the voters on the Nov. 2018 Ballot

AB 2162 (Chiu, Daly) - Provides supportive housing to Californians experiencing chronic homelessness, streamlining and expediting the process of approving supportive housing applications.


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AB 3171 (Ting) Homeless Persons Services Block Grant - establish the Local Homelessness Solutions Program and create the Local Homelessness Solutions Account for the purpose of providing funding to cities, as defined, to create innovative and immediate solutions to the problems caused by homelessness

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SB 828 (Wiener) — Would reform the current RHNA allocation method to create a fairer, more data driven, and more equitable process. It would also require communities to begin making up for past RHNA deficits.


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2018 Housing Policy Webinar Series with Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California

Rise Together will host a series of free Housing Policy webinars with Non-Profit Housing Association this year to increase implementation of last year's housing policy wins and the upcoming ballot measure.  Click on REGISTER to learn more about each webinar.

How to keep our existing affordable homes affordable

Monday, October 22nd 10-11:30am

Every year, hundreds of homes in the Bay Area whose rents were previously restricted to levels affordable to low-income residents lapse and become market-rate. To combat this widespread problem, in 2017 the State of California passed AB 1521 which greatly strengthens the State’s Housing Preservation Law to ensure that affordable homes can remain affordable for the long-term. Join Danielle Mazzella from the California Housing Partnership Corporation to learn how you can use this law go ensure that the existing affordable homes in your city or county can remain affordable for the long term.  

Affordable Housing NOW! The Veterans and Affordable Housing Act Webinar

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Wednesday, August 29th  10-11:30am

This November, California voters will have the opportunity to approve the Veterans and Affordable Housing Act which will provide $4 billion to build homes for our veterans, struggling families, people experiencing homelessness and people with disabilities. Join JR Starrett, Director of Advocacy and Community Engagement at the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California to learn about how you and your organization can make a difference this November in making our state a more affordable place to live. 

Housing Policy Webinar Series with Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH)

New Tools for Local Government to Promote Affordable Housing

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NPH’s Policy Director, Michael Lane, and Regional Policy Manager, Pedro Galvao, discussed two important housing policy tools: AB 1505, the Palmer Fix, restoring the ability of local governments to require that within new market-rate rental housing developments, a percentage of apartments be made available at rents affordable to low and very-low income tenants and AB1598, giving local governments authority to capture growth in its property tax base and issue bonds against those tax revenues without voter approval in order to finance affordable housing.

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